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WALDNESS… Forest really has an affect

The longing for elemental experiences of nature, sustainable relaxation and recovery lies dormant in us. WALDNESS lets you immerse yourself in the purifying atmosphere of the forest. You will consciously smell and enjoy forest aromas, feel the healing effects of trees and forest plants and learn to understand the deep connection between nature and us humans. WALDNESS® is retreat, relaxation, recharge your batteries amidst mighty trees, turquoise-blue rivers and lakes, high mountains and fragrant flower meadows ...

... and the chance to find and live your own healthy rhythm.

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WALDNESS… Forest really has an affect

Forest bathing (森林 浴 Shinrin-yoku), usually translated as inhaling the healthy forest atmosphere during a forest walk, has been part of a good lifestyle in Japan for more than 20 years. The stay in the forest, like an aromatherapy, has a positive effect on our health on many levels: the immune system is strengthened, stress hormones are broken down and the quality of sleep improves.

WALDNESS implements current Austrian and international studies on the healing power of the forest with experts and shows you many ways in which you can use the forest atmosphere best for you and your health.

WALDNESS Philosophie

We love rain and fog.

We take you to the native rainforest. Equipped with hat and weather stain, you will feel how inimitably relaxing a rain walk in the forest can be.    

 "When the weather is humid, for example after rain or fog, many of the healthy terpenes are buzzing in the forest air. So our experience does not deceive us if a walk in the woods seems to be doing us a particularly good job after a downpour. "     

 Clemens G. Arvay, The Biophilia Effect. Healing from the forest. Ullstein, 2016.